I Spoke in Haste

Hello fellow pilgrims, I believe I spoke in haste by saying we were halfway there.  We weren’t then, but we are now.  I was just thinking about straying for a bit to do a little hunting so that we can have Cook whip up something for us to eat.  It will be my pleasure to kill some poor, unsuspecting animal and have it cooked over an open fire pit, then have us tear it apart and eat it up.  I should warn the Miller that drink will not be a part of this snack that I am proposing.  Maybe I can use the skins on part of my outfit.  It will make me feel good to know that I killed something that we can all enjoy.  Perhaps I will kill us a pheasant.  Perhaps I can decorate myself with its feathers.  A feather in my cap perhaps.  Maybe I shall offer a feather or a skin to the Second Nun.  I could even cut off the pheasant’s talon and give it to her so that she can carry it for luck.  By the way, where is that Cook anyway?


2 thoughts on “I Spoke in Haste

  1. I have not heard from the Cook either, but I can not lay any blame upon another pilgrim for silence when I myself have been missing! I must apologize to you all for my delay; I had just seated myself off to the side of the road upon finishing my tale when a viscious gust of wind came and swept all of my documents and papers straight from their jacket and sent them fluttering through the air. I am surprised nobody noticed and came to my aid, although I would have been forced to decline for fear of hungry eyes delving into the contents of any of his or her recoveries. And so I hope you will all forgive my short absence–I did not intend to neglect you.
    Now about that hunting excursion, my good Monk! Chasing papers has worked me up quite an appetite, and we cannot tarry too long so as to provoke a state of near-starvation. It is not that I don’t trust any of you to resort to something so evil as cannibalism, but then again there are few things more dangerous than a large group of deprived people. As I have said before, it is poverty which births the most despicable of thoughts and actions. So, let us eat! (animals, not each other.)

    • Well, my dear Man of Law, it’s nice to hear from you. Perhaps I can interest you in coming hunting with me. I am sure I can show you a thing or two about the fine art. I agree that we should not, under any circumstances, resort to cannibalism. I am quite the professional and I think it would be a good idea for you and me to go hunting. What is your pleasure? I’m thinking that since there are so many of us that one little squirrel or pheasant is certainly not going to be enough to feed us all. Perhaps we should set out sights on some bigger game. I think I saw a deer about a mile back drinking cold water from a stream. My writer would absolutely not approve of all this killing of poor, defenseless animals, but then they are not on this pilgrimage, we are. Therefore, a hunting we will go!

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