The Reeve’s tale

I apologize, my fellow pilgrims, for my inactivity. And especially to the Second Nun, who has waited so patiently to hear from me. I was quite miffed at the Miller and had to even out my sour temper, but I am better now.

I hope you all enjoyed my tale. The miller overcharging the corn was a poor move. His domineering nature and expertise as a manipulative man do not work positively with his tale. The two students in my tale were determined to beat the miller at his own game for over-charging the wheat and corn, despite the miller’s terrifying nature.

Wine is every man’s weakness! Too much wine, and the miller was sound asleep. This was the perfect opportunity for the dynamic duo to plot revenge! Too bad the miller was skewed by his drunken stupor! Too much a good thing is malicious karma.

Some might say that my tale becomes much too intense, for the two students commit the worst revenge of all-they copulate with the miller’s wife! Well, what turned into revenge on the miller quickly becomes revenge on the students for having commit such a heinous and adulterous act!

The miller doesn’t win in the end, as my fellow pilgrims know. In my tale, thievery is arguably the least favorable crime. However, it can be argued that no body in my tale wins. The two students flee the miller’s lodge having copulated with the miller’s wife, yet without paying their fare. And, the miller gets bludgeoned to the head, a punishment for overcharging his corn. Revenge never prevails!


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