I must say I enjoyed hearing my Priest’s tale! He is just such a wonderful story teller and his stories always end on a moral note. We are really blessed to have a man of his quality on this pilgrimage. God Bless him, truly, for I do not know what I would do without my Priest. The moral of this story was especially grand. It is very important to avoid being tricked by flattery. Humans are just too easily tricked by a compliment.I can’t believe that silly Fox thought the rooster would fall for his trickery again but thank God the rooster was too smart for that. O Lord, even stories about animals can spark interest for humans. I know I especially enjoy listening to stories about little forest creatures scurrying about, looking for a mate and such.

I am especially looking forward to hearing the Man of Law’s Tale as I am sure he must have some really good stories to tell. Being a Man of Law, his story will hopefully be moral. I wonder if he will seek to teach a lesson like the Priest?  I guess we will have to wait and see.




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  1. I also enjoyed the Priest’s tale! It is very true that humans are taken in by flattery and this tale should serve as a lesson to those who aren’t so confident in their own selves. You echo my sentiments exactly. I am so happy that this beast’s fable had a happy outcome.

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