hello pilgrims! I hope you all enjoyed my tale. Bless our Lord and the our Lady, for she is the most wonderful woman to have ever lived. I thank her for all her blessings especially those which allowed me to tell my tale. I hope you all see the importance of keeping faith even in death, as the little boy did. What an amazing little boy and how beautifully he sang the Alma Redemptoris Mater! If I had had a child, I wish he would have had the same deep rooted passion for our Creators. Our Lady guided the boy through death and kept him safe. As long as we focus on being moral beings with the utmost respect for Christ, our lives will be full of joy and blessings.Christianity is what makes us good people, no other religion compares, for Christians are known for their grace and strong beliefs. I am excited to hear Sir Topas’ Tale, I’m sure it will be a treat for the ears!




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  1. It seems to me, and I don’t agree, that some religions just don’t mix. Unfortunately people have been fighting for religious causes for centuries and injuring innocent men, women, and children along the way.

  2. My my, Prioress! What an interesting confession! “If I had had a child?” Well, me thinketh that you utterance should have been more along the lines of “If only God’s plan had envisioned me a wedded mother”, no? Me thinks that your implied sentiment goes well with your view that Amor vincit omnia! One might even suggest that you are no stranger to the laws of nature. Far be it for me to imply such a thing. Your tale full of macabre ennui seems to be a clever ruse to distract us from your inner desires. Alas, I must surmise that even women who comport themselves in the image of the Holy Mother have needs. I guess what they say is true: what happens in the priory, stays in the priory.

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