Reeve Reeve where ben thou?

Reeve Reeve where ben thou? Punctuality is not one of my strengths but I soon hope to see you post your entry. It will put my heart at ease as soon as I hear from you and know that you are well considering that there is some friction between you and that drunk, the Miller. The two of you should put your differences aside and make amends. Reeve you are to good and too proud to allow that monk to get to you. You have been described as being fearless but a man to be feared. I know that you disapprove of him and his cunning ways of stealing corn and then selling it at three times the price. However you are not a man that can be fooled, you are wise. I applaud you for interrupting the Miller’s tale.


2 thoughts on “Reeve Reeve where ben thou?

  1. Don’t tell the Reeve that I am trying to get to him. I was merely trying to find out what happened to him and the others. I am not anybody’s enemy and I resent your comment about me. Women, you’re all alike.

    • I am clearly punctually inept, but I am here now. That drunken monk sure gets on my nerves! The friction between us is unreal, however as you said, second monk, I am much too proud to let him diminish me. Thank you, Nun for applauding me. I also applaud myself! I had to cut that Miller short, before my bad temper got the best of me.

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