Halfway There

Hello there fellow pilgrims.  I am sure you all agree that it has been a pleasant pilgrimage thus far.  A few times I was tempted to stray from the group and do a little hunting, but thought better of it.  Everybody has been so cooperative that it has been a joy riding with each of you.  It makes me proud to be a part of this group.  We shall ride forth and back again and I shall be declared winner of the dinner.  Enjoy my tales and keep this in mind, “I wol doon al my diligence, as fer as sowneth into honesty, to telle yow a tale, or two, or three.”


4 thoughts on “Halfway There

  1. I am the second Nun, and I have never heard such raunchy tales! I am appalled by all of the evil talk that my no longer virgin ears have to listen to. These tales are evidence that you are surrounded by evil spirits. Spirits that must be obliterated. These immoral tales are a reflection of the lifestyles in which you live. These tales that fall from your mouths will no doubt grant you access into the gates of hell. If you shall continue to live in this way, you will be condemned to the everlasting inferno.

    Save yourselves I tell you and repent! Ask our lord to grant you forgiveness, for if you ask you shall receive. It is not too late you can save yourselves and you shall go to heaven where our Father will receive you with open arms.

    I am an old nun who has witnessed much, hence I am wise. Follow in my counsel and you shall be delivered from your wicked ways. You must first believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ as God’s son and the holy spirit. Immediately following you must see the friar, confess your sins and then go to the priest who will guide you in your journey to righteousness. He will baptize you and will help you rid yourselves of sin! Only in this way can you reverse the evil process and cleanse your spirit.

    Be mindful that God sacrificed his only begotten son to rid us of our sins. Do not be selfish for Christ set aside his own pleasure for the good, comfort and life of those whom he loved. We shall follow in his footsteps and whenever tempted you shall ask, What would Jesus do? Let us show God that we are grateful. Let us show him that we recognize that Judgement day is near and only the faithful who fear the lord will be salvaged.


  2. In reply to The Second Nun: it’s okay that you weren’t sure where to post – when I went to compose my first post, I was still a bit drunk from the night before! I sobered right up and apologized to all, yourself included, yet here you are still railing against the fun tales we’ve been sharing! I admit that mine may have been a bit racy, but it was all in good fun! I know you wonder what Jesus would do, but you should also ask yourself what YOU would like to do. You’re on vacation! On a pilgrimage! Enjoy yourself, dear Nun! I always have a bit of liquor if ever you should need it, and while I’ve never wrestled a lady of God before, you could be my first!

    • Why I’ve never!!! I am most offended and displeased with your devilish talk. It is most obvious that you have been possessed. You talk of liquor which is nothing more than a demon in the bottle. One swallow and he enters your body takes over your soul and destroys you. You are no longer in control, you must seek help from the parish. Reread my previous post as it contains the perfect recipe to deter you from a self destructive path to a righteous path. Relinquish the bottle and regain control once more. Repent repent repent!!!!

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