Love for the Few

The Revee’s  tale tickled me quite a bit. I dare say that the miller will think twice before he lets his mouth run ahead of his sense. All these wonderful tales about marriage and fancy does a soul good and pictures of loose women do help for practice. But now I hope my own story does help to balance out these hopeful images of love and help thee grasp a more common mans woes.

 Despite what the fool  host may think I am nothing if not honest. I would kill myself to think that one of my pies were not praised of nothing short of spectacular. I pride myself in my work and as with everything else in my life such as my looks and hygiene. I may have a slight insignia ant  boil or two but it is only caused from my bad luck.

… … …

I digress thou gents and now that you’ve heard me tale I wonder if you think less of thy courtly loves that you may have. I roger ware believe that my fellows tales are beautiful  and dainty but lacks a certain truth. I don’t believe that every maiden are of loose morals but all I want to say is that not everyone has a happy ending.

Not every man is a knight and has a maiden that he can serve earnestly. Not to say that these wonderful examples of chivalry and honor are  something to strive for it is just something that not everyone can have


2 thoughts on “Love for the Few

  1. The Cook has given me no choice – I can’t let the poor Friar intervene again in the name of modesty to prevent some brute from telling his dirty jokes to our company. I must preface any future scandalous tales by pointing out the fact that I am merely the chronicler of your tales and not the originator of them. I admit that more than a few times I shot a subtle sidelong glance towards our poor Prioress to ascertain that she was still standing and had not fainted from shock. The lovely prioress and our dear parson should be constant reminders to us of why we are gathered here in the first place: to travel to holy sites and become more spiritually enlightened beings. Clearly we have a ways to go before we reach our destination, if the filth that resides in the Miller’s alcohol addled brain is any indication of our spiritual state. Thank God the Cook’s “story” got cut short and you were sent back to what you should be doing – and should be doing better, if my dry, stale pie is the standard of all your cooking.

    I would like to thank our religiously affiliated members of the group – who are much better people than the rest of us, God forgive our souls – for dealing with the lewd nature of some of these tales with such reserved dignity. However, I think you’ll find that some of the more risqué tales told on this journey provide more than just entertainment. The Miller, whether he knew it or not or even remembers telling the tale, taught us a valuable lesson about jealousy and the importance of equality in relationships, and also that the power of a young lady’s sex drive is not to be reckoned with. The Wife from Bath, bless her soul – though it most likely already had been committed to hell by the time she reached her second husband – has taught us again how lusty even our older ladies can be, and how increased equality is the best answer to all of the problems that arise between the sexes (and during sex). Her hearty interest in sexual escapades is both refreshing and oddly exciting. It must be a thrill to be married to the Wife of Bath, who, like an aged cougar crouching in the bushes, could take down a man with one strike. I wonder what her young husband Jenkin’s health is like these days? Oh, Cook, I’m sorry for complaining about your sad pies. White flour may be worth more than bran, but at least bran is easier to get ….

  2. Ah yes, Chaucer, the Cooks tale did begin quite crudely, yet perhaps the lack of moral can lead us to better follow our own. And, dear Cook, the Host is merely intimidated by the possibility of being “shown up” if you will in hospitality. You may yet find that my story that has yet to be told has some moral in between the lines, as I do love to give a good sermon.

    Chaucer, perhaps should Wife of Bath be married again you could marry her? She is looking for a sixth husband and I hear she is quite loaded if you will from her first two marriages in which she inherited a great sum. As we have learned thus far from the marriage tales it is best to marry someone you may find of equal standing in age and class. The Franklin has shown us how wonderful a marriage can be when both parties are in love and devoted.

    My OWN moral interest are a bit more monetary if you know what I speak of. I would also quite enjoy someone recite a good ballad.

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