Damn Drunks

I am the Monk and I should have been the second person to tell my tale, but I was rudely interrupted by the drunken Miller.  But you know what they say, “You can’t argue with a drunk.”

I am very happy to be on this pilgrimage because I feel so free like I was born to ride in the open fields.  It is fun riding with others even if there are a few undesirables.  Too bad we couldn’t hunt along the way.

I can tell you that I will not get into any physical fights with the Miller because I wouldn’t want to ruin my fine clothes.  I think I should ask the Wife of Bath to mend them for me should the Miller corner me in a drunken state and tear my threads from limb to limb.

I shall do my best to put aside my feelings of disgust and tell my tales of tragedy.  Men who were once living life large and then fell from grace.  Who knows, it could be you one day.  Be warned and armed with the knowledge I am about to bestow upon thee.

Let’s ride on and hear the tales, shall we?  They are very interesting and will leave you with more knowledge than whence you came.  Ride on!


2 thoughts on “Damn Drunks

  1. Hello there monk, I am very pleased to hear of your dissatisfaction of the Miller. I must say that he is most unpopular here and should not be allowed to go with us further. He has been nothing but a bad influence not everyone. However not you, you will not allow him to influence you. That is because you have God by your side, he who gives you strength. Without him you are weak, you are doomed and feeble-minded. Without him you would be putty at the hands of the miller. I admire you, and I applaud you. You are most courageous!!

  2. Well, well Second Nun my friend. Thank you for your kind words. I don’t think, however, that God would want us to eliminate the Miller just because he has a disease. Alcohol is the devil’s drink and I think that maybe we can try to get the Miller to follow God instead of casting him aside. Perhaps a good day of hunting would do him good. Sober, of course. I do not want to become an unsuspecting target. Let’s give a bit of a break, shall we?

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