Some Words on Mine Own Tale

First of all, apologies to our dear Monk for my interruptions last night – I simply felt my tale needed telling at that very moment! I suppose the wine spurred those feelings on. Following the Knight’s tale was certainly a tall order, but I feel I lived up to it. Where his tale discussed the nature of love, my own explored what may happen to Palamon and Emylye soon enough!

Before the Reeve commences to shout again, let me say that my carpenter was made a fool of and he certainly deserved it – he fell for Nicholas’ story hook, line, and sinker! He was mad, in the end, simply for having believed in this ridiculous little scheme. Who listens to the man you know to be infatuated with your own wife? Madness, all around.

And then there is, of course, the issue of poor little Absolon. This man was so hungry for his love, he didn’t stop to think what he could be kissing! His retribution, I’ve always thought, was a bit harsh. Every time I recall this tale I think, “don’t ever share the love of a woman with a man like Absolon!” His revenge is cruel, and his tactics are despicable. All for a woman who thinks nothing of him!

Let me say again that I frog leaped the Monk due to the drink. I won’t apologize again (I feel I did my apology quite well a few moments ago), but I will thank the Host for putting up with me. I know I can be a quarrelsome sort.

3 thoughts on “Some Words on Mine Own Tale

  1. Oh, Miller, my poor drunken friend! A few conversations with me and God will surely forgive you of your drunken sins and crude behavior!
    Speaking of crude behavior, your Tale is filled with it! An innocent and honest man as myself has a hard time understanding such trickery and dishonest behavior that occurs throughout the tale. It would seem that a few of your characters could use some of my relics to keep the devil away. However, I do somewhat admire the thinking behind Nicholas’ plan. His execution of his plot to trick John into believing a flood was coming, and therefore leaving Allison and himself to enjoy loves pleasures in bed together really blew me away. It seems that Allison and Nicholas have a skill of trickery that they use to their advantage time and time again. On the other hand, John should really open up his eyes and be more aware of his surroundings (people included). John is so gullible, I might say even I could trick him – with no skill of trickery at all!
    And finally we have the beautiful man Absalom! Oh Miller, I don’t understand why you criticize him so for caring about his looks. I think that is important for a person to take care of their appearance, and always try and look their best. Absalom is clearly a beautiful man, and he takes pride in his beauty and therefore makes sure to portray that at every possible instance. Allison should have given such a man a chance, I know if I was her I would have.
    It seems Miller, that you have some pretty inappropriate thoughts going on inside that wonderful head of yours. I have some animal bones that you could tie around your neck to ward off these evil thoughts, and alcohol…..if you are interested, I will even sell them to you at a discounted price! What do you say?

  2. My dear Miller, I accept your apology and will try to enjoy our ride together. I am sure you are a fine and trustworthy man. May I make a suggestion that you refrain from alcohol use for the remainder of the pilgrimage? I know it must be difficult, but please follow my guidance. It is necessary that we all get along. Be well, my friend.

  3. In your prologue, you say that you are not to be held responsible for anything you say. Yet, it is your decision to drink, and your hindsight (of which suggests your drinking leads to inappropriate dialogue) reveals to me that you are trying to apologize, while avoiding blame for what you have relayed to us.

    Not to say that a clerk like myself doesn’t imbibe every fourth waning crescent moon. In fact, after hours of reading philosophy, my brain often feels as it has exploded, which makes the walls of my cranium extremely tense with expansion, and makes my head fluid travel in most oblique currents. However, it is only logical to use your educated predictions to guide your future behavior.

    I am a man of logic, and when I see people make excuses for their own behavior, I see we forget that we are transient, freewilled creatures. Nonsense like this makes my learned brain hurt so, that I’d have half a mind to brand my own rear. Alas, I am making myself angrier as I speak. Back to my books!

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