Preie thee wel, Arcite

Poor, sad, and rather dead, Arcite.  Prayed to the wrong god for help with that little love problem of his.  Alas, he chose Mars as his champion and patron, and prayed to the god of war and battle for victory over his cousin Palamon.  I may not be as chivalrous as the good knyght nor held in as high estate, but I have learned much in my years of stewardship that oft’ cunning and shrewd knowledge can provide more rewards.  Poor Arcite should have prayed to Mercury for the ability to trick Palamon into giving Emelye away freely.  Instead Arcite won the physical battle but lost his life and love.  If only Arcite had gone on a proper, valient quest full of danger, violence and intrigue, he might have saved a fair maiden and lived happily ever after!

Nothing against the good knyght, but I must say his tale did not please my lowly ears.  What of wars and jousts and violence, I say?  Too many details and not enough Romance have left me rather bored upon my horse.  Thankfully I was sharp enough to sneak another skin of wine before we left so my boredom was not without some amusement.

Now, let’s hear another tale, I believe the swarthy Miller is up next.  He seems a rather bawdy fellow -I doubt his tale will disappoint.  Enough with chivalry and sermons, I am ready for some merrymaking and jolly laughter on this dreary English eve.


2 thoughts on “Preie thee wel, Arcite

  1. The Knight’s tale was one of great pleasures; a true tale of Love’s ability to conquer all. Truly fantastic! While I do pity Arcite and the manner in which he died, it does serve as a proper message to those that intervene with Love. Arcite should have respected Palamon’s love for Emelye, but instead he decided to act on his foolish instincts. Such a pity! A lad with so much will and determination to obtain what he wanted could have turned out to be a man of great valor.

    The power of women should not be underestimated–as it is shown in this tale. At a distance a woman was able to split the brother-like bond between Palamon and Arcite. And at close proximity, was able to destroy it.

    Tread carefully men. This world be full of Emelye.

  2. I just loved hearing the Knight’s tale. Nothing compares to a romance tale and a love story is always pleasant to the ear especially when the stakes are so hiigh. As I always say, “Amor vincit omnia”. I believe this to be true as love is the most vicious of warriors. True love will always rise above everything else and those who are meant to be together will ultimately be together. I wish both men could have Emelye because they both loved her deeply but obviously only one could win. It seems as if there is a higher power in terms of love and no matter the result of the tournament the gods already had a plan. We must believe in their plan and just know that they have our best interests at heart.

    God Bless

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