A Humble Summoner’s Thoughts

And so our dear Knight’s tale ends. And a wondrous tale it was! Dashing, gallant young warriors. Duels and tournaments worthy of valor. And of course, the lovely, succulent, beauty called Emily. Such a jewel would be better served in accommodating more…reputable men!

Ah! Forgive me! The wine seems to have done me in! Benedicite! I hope I may stay sober enough to finish my words!

In regards to the tale, I believe that Arcite would have been better off not fighting at all! Such silly notions as fighting and dying. He could have plucked the rose for himself if he had proceeded with other means. A bribe here, a bribe there, and lo and behold as Palamon’s whole contingent comes scurrying away, and Arcite wins the day! God favors those who think outside the box, you know.

But I digress. That is merely my, imprudent, disposition. One, I know of course, is no more than a man’s drunken devilry. For indeed, honor is the greatest thing that man should uphold! Honor and love! For what man does not love women? What man does not love women enough to make them their wives? Tis a sin to have more than one wive, for that is as God ordained. But perhaps our Lord can be persuaded to look the other way, with a few favors to his servants.

Ah! My skin of wine seems to have emptied! Forgive me, but this old, pious, servant’s ramblings must end for now. You there! Serving wench! I bid you fetch me more wine! Another round of drink and, Deo volente, I may have the buzz back! Go, make haste!


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