hello pilgrims! I hope you all enjoyed my tale. Bless our Lord and the our Lady, for she is the most wonderful woman to have ever lived. I thank her for all her blessings especially those which allowed me to tell my tale. I hope you all see the importance of keeping faith even in death, as the little boy did. What an amazing little boy and how beautifully he sang the Alma Redemptoris Mater! If I had had a child, I wish he would have had the same deep rooted passion for our Creators. Our Lady guided the boy through death and kept him safe. As long as we focus on being moral beings with the utmost respect for Christ, our lives will be full of joy and blessings.Christianity is what makes us good people, no other religion compares, for Christians are known for their grace and strong beliefs. I am excited to hear Sir Topas’ Tale, I’m sure it will be a treat for the ears!



Reeve Reeve where ben thou?

Reeve Reeve where ben thou? Punctuality is not one of my strengths but I soon hope to see you post your entry. It will put my heart at ease as soon as I hear from you and know that you are well considering that there is some friction between you and that drunk, the Miller. The two of you should put your differences aside and make amends. Reeve you are to good and too proud to allow that monk to get to you. You have been described as being fearless but a man to be feared. I know that you disapprove of him and his cunning ways of stealing corn and then selling it at three times the price. However you are not a man that can be fooled, you are wise. I applaud you for interrupting the Miller’s tale.

Are You With Us?

Hello there pilgrims.  Where are the Clerk, Franklin, Reeve, and Shipman?  I have been eagerly waiting to read there entries to no avail.  I wonder what happened to them.  What are they thinking?  Oh,no!  I hope the Miller hasn’t steered them in his direction.  Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any of them as of late.  Does anybody have any thoughts on this strange situation? I hate to think the worst, but you know that Miller.  I don’t think he likes to drink alone.  I think he is out to corrupt each of us in his own way.  Beware the degenerate!  I certainly hope to hear from these 4 pilgrims.  It’s not good to have people worrying about you, especially since we are all traveling as a group.  I would hate to have to be the bearer of bad news.  I pray that they surface soon and that they are not caught up with that malevolent Miller.

My Tale

The Friar is a very busy man Pilgrims and you will have to be paitent with me, begging is quite time consuming and I am a very important man. Monk, you seem a bit tense, if you’ve anything to confess my door is open.

Anyway, Summoner I hope I didn’t hurt your pride too much, as you are a bit of a fornicator and there happened to be an immoral Summoner proving my sermon. As a Friar it is my duty to teach of good morals and good character, and greedy Summoners who serve falsehoods will in fact be condemned to hell in good time. There is no wrath like an angry woman and the old woman had such passion that the naughty Summoner was taken away. This Summoner was an adulterer, a robber, and he dabbled in witchcraft; in other words he was a sinner in the worst way. 

Perhaps you will agree with me, Monk, as a holy man you must see that this Summoner had it coming to him. MY tale was both entertaining as well as moral. The Summoner does not fair so well in his rebuttal to me for as his falsity that a Friar should be carried off to hell is absurd. I may be a beggar but that is my duty, I certainly do not trick or steal my money I beg the right way in my designated area. Summoner’s would do well to take note of how moral and holy I am.

It seems to me that many of these tales that our fellow pilgrims have told have seem to have fallen off the moral path. It would do everyone good to obey the rules of the game and have some moral to each tale rather than to promote farting and burning arses. We should all remember why we are here and that is to complete this pilgrimage to Canterbury.

Have We Lost the Friar?

My dear Friar where are you?  I am waiting to comment on your entry.  I hope all is well and that you haven’t gone off on a bender with the Miller.  My, but this would be a terrible thing.  That Miller is a bad influence and we should try to rehabilitate him and not enable him.  Time is running out my friend the Friar for tomorrow is almost here and nobody has heard from you.  Perhaps you fell behind and are trying to catch up.  At this point one can only speculate.  Let’s just hope the Miller didn’t influence you.  We are willing to help and support you if you are in some kind of trouble.  I am praying for you and, of course, the Miller as well.  I hope you are safe and sound and will be joining us soon.  I look forward to hearing from you with great anticipation.

Tribulations of Marriage

Welcome my good pilgrims! Last time we met I graced you with a tale I could tell due to my abundant experience with tribulations in matrimony. With God’s grace, I have marched down the sacred aisle three more times and I have wed my eighth husband. By now I hope you understand my position on the traditions of marriage and I do not shy from of reputation of serial monogamy. It is not more acceptable to be web by only one and stay virtuous and committed to your spouse? Take that drunken Miller’s tale as an example. The beautiful Allison stayed with her poor old husband, but secretly partook in relations with another fellow. The end result left one with a burnt arse and the wretched taste of a bottom eye on another’s pallet. Dear young Allison would have remained of a more pure value if she divorced the poor carpenter and wed the scholar as her second husband.

Halfway There

Hello there fellow pilgrims.  I am sure you all agree that it has been a pleasant pilgrimage thus far.  A few times I was tempted to stray from the group and do a little hunting, but thought better of it.  Everybody has been so cooperative that it has been a joy riding with each of you.  It makes me proud to be a part of this group.  We shall ride forth and back again and I shall be declared winner of the dinner.  Enjoy my tales and keep this in mind, “I wol doon al my diligence, as fer as sowneth into honesty, to telle yow a tale, or two, or three.”