A Host’s Work is Never Done!

I’ve prepared my tavern for a group of nearly 30 men and women of different professions that want to journey to Canterbury. These months are always filled with trips of pilgrimage and tales that are told upon their return. I often wish I were able to experience such a quest, but sadly I am married to my work at the Tabard Inn.

Wait! What a thought I’ve had! Perhaps this time I will join in on the trip as a guide! Surely it would make me a better host if I went beyond the duties of the Inn and accompanied my lodgers to further comfort them. Yes! I hope that they will let me. A group of this quantity and diversity is rare indeed. Ah! here they are. They have arrived! I will return to finish this writing after I greet every hand and propose my proposition. Luck be with me!

I am back! What a splendid group. There was a noble knight who fought many battles and his son, a squire, that has the voice of an angel, in fact, I can hear his lullabies in the room over. Such beauty! There is a miller who is very strong that could probably help me fix the weak foundation beams in the cellar. There is also a prioress that defines the word “grace.” Her well-mannered qualities put mine to shame! I am very excited to finally have met them!

They all gladly accepted my proposition. In the morning I will be journeying with them to Canterbury. I have created a game where each member will tell two tales during our trek and again two more when we return. The tale that pleases my ear most will earn a supper paid by the rest of us. They seem to have enjoyed this thought, because they all unanimously agreed!

In the morning we will set off to Canterbury. I will ready some straws to decide who speaks first on our journey. I hope it is the Knight!




4 thoughts on “A Host’s Work is Never Done!

  1. Alas! What a great opportunity our dear host has presented me with! With so many stories, there will be countless opportunities for me to make a profit. Thank heavens I brought my relics with me to exchange for forgiveness. With such a variety of different people there are sure to be plenty of sinners to satisfy my pocket. I must trick them into somehow admitting to their sins through their stories and then come to the rescue and offer them forgiveness or sell them my “holy” or so they think relics! I have fooled many before, this group shall be a piece of cake! I do hope the Knight goes first, he must have the most wealth or goods to be traded for his forgiveness…..

  2. It seems God has chosen me to be the first of our group to tell his tale. Our host has made it quite clear to all of us that he who tells the tale of greatest significance and pleasure shall be the one to win this game. Now I, being the first of these twenty nine to speak, have the opportunity to tell a tale that will set so high a standard that the others cannot match it. Surely my travels through all the kingdoms of Christiandom and Heathendom will provide me with such a tale, but I must not forget to set an example for the others. I have noticed that many of my companions will be of the less than noble sort, and as a knight who values truth, honor, freedom, and courtesy, it is my duty to recite a tale that may inspire them to change their wicked ways. God willing they will heed my words and learn from my tale.

  3. What a gracious host! Although a tavern isn’t a place I’d usually be seen in, this tavern is quaint and our dear host has really gone above and beyond to make the thirty of us comfortable. The host has even proposed a game of telling, I suppose one could call it that, for us to participate in while we make our journey to Canterbury. The stories will provide us with entertainment and truth be told, no one can turn down the allure of a free meal–provided that it’s full of the finest meats and cheeses. I too am excited about the diversity within the group. With all these interesting individuals I’m sure the stories with be most enjoyable except I am a little concerned about the possibility of vulgarity but I hope to share my good nature and high morals with my companions. It’s been decided that the Knight will share first and this pleases me. I’m sure this noble Knight’s tale will be just as noble as he.

    God Bless


  4. I am looking forward to this pilgrimage for I am not your conventional Monk and will do my best to entertain you with my tales. I do not like to play by the rules so you must be willing to bear with me. My tales are quite different from any other tales I have heard and I suppose they will be different from yours too. I find them to be quite fascinating even though they are a bit dark. Please listen closely and enjoy our time together. I should be quite interesting to see who will win this marvelous dinner.

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