Happy Endings

Margaret Atwood Happy Endings (C) Mary should know better not to play with love!
and we shouldn’t feel sorry for john either, john got a wife he should know better.
on page 55 (c) 3th paragraph “John tells mary how important she is to him, but of course he can’t leave his wife because a commitment is a commitment.”
now i m not marry yet, so i don’t know if i got this right.
if your marry and you make a commitment, don’t that mean you stay with the one you marry or am i getting this wrong?

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Alex Mueller can be found running and cycling the streets and suburbs of Boston, taking long sojourns in rare book archives whenever he can. He teaches English at UMass Boston, serves as Book Review Editor for Arthuriana, and writes about digital pedagogy, open access publishing, and medieval literature.

7 thoughts on “Happy Endings

  1. I feel sorry for Mary but not really for John… It was hypocritical for him to get so upset that Mary was with another man. When he had been cheating on his wife the whole time and was not planning on leaving her.Yes, that's the idea when you get married it is a commitment to stay together but also you shouldn't be sleeping with other people.

  2. I agree with you Mr. Herbert. A commitment is a commitment. Mary and John both got what they deserved. You should never turn your eyes or heart away from your one true love. However, I am the only girl on this island for anyone to love…so be it…. ttyl

  3. I agree with George Herbert, I think that we shouldn't feel sorry for Mary or John because in the different endings they all broke promises they made to other people and they both fell through on the commitments that they made with other people. I have taught my daughter to only sleep with the one man that you are going to marry and both these people, John and Mary, go against the right choices. They are both sleeping with more than one person and did not save themselves for marriage. I do hope that my daughter does not end up like Mary or with someone like John.

  4. The problem with both Mary and John is that they do not realize that life is too short. They need not take their love or the love of others for granted. I agree with Emily and that marriage is a commitment. Marriage is a blessing from the Lord and people should respect the vows that they say to their loved one once they are in the home of the Lord or in the presence of one of Lord's men. Marriage and Love is commitment that people earn and are given and are silly if they decide to mess that up in some way, like committing adultery, which is in the 10 commandments as a sin

  5. Commitment doesn't always lastI should know thisFor I am a bit like Mary and JohnI have an older man who loves meand I'm in love with a younger manNow the older man who loves me has someone else he lovesI'm in the same love triangle as John, Mary and JamesLove never has a "Happy Ending"

  6. I agree with the Dark Lady, love never has a happy ending. I had the perfect husband who loved me and a wonderful daughter. However, God had another plan for us apparently and ruined our entire family through certain events that eventually led to my death.

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