A raisin in the Sun

The first act of this play has got me confused. Why wouldn’t Ruth and Mama want Walter to take a risk and invest some of that money into a liquor store? My father was a very successful business man and he didn’t get that way by being frugal with his money. If Ruth decides to keep the baby that’s on the way then Walter is going to have to find a way to convince Mama to let him borrow some money.

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Alex Mueller can be found running and cycling the streets and suburbs of Boston, taking long sojourns in rare book archives whenever he can. He teaches English at UMass Boston, serves as Book Review Editor for Arthuriana, and writes about digital pedagogy, open access publishing, and medieval literature.

4 thoughts on “A raisin in the Sun

  1. I think Ruth and Mama didn't want him to take the risk on the liquor store because they are so stuck in their ways, especially Mama. She's not used to taking risks, shes used to being a servant for other people, and shes used to her husband being a servant as well. I think she thinks African Americans are meant to be servants, but they aren't! Walter has the right attitude trying to change things for them and trying to be his own boss.

  2. I don't think i believe African American are meant to be servants, but i guess I am guilty of bein' stuck in my ways. I just don;t believe in investin' in something dishonest, like a liquor store. It's too risky and a house will help everyone right away. As a mother, I'm choosin' what's safest for my family.

  3. I believe that the idea of the dream in which mama and ruth want for their family is along the same concept of what Walter wants for the family as well, just in different ways. Dreams are very important and should ask be kept and never lost. I believe that Walter's way of thinking can bring the family great success. Whichever way the family decides to use the money their dreams will still live on. The family's lives will changed drastically and their dreams that were deferred will be revisited.

  4. Thank you "The Nun's Priest's Tale". My family has been struggling all of our lives with finances. This could change our lives. My mom doesn't like leaving her comfort zone or trying new things. I think her religion has a lot to do with the decisions she makes.

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