Everyday Uses

This story is quite confusing for me. I am the only child in this lonely island, I never had a mother growing up. So I have to look at Mama as if she was my Father. This poor Mother seems quite torn between her two children. For they are both so uniquely different. Which is why I feel she handle the quilt situation as best as she could. Maybe she could have cut the quilt in half and both parties are happy….I’m only a teenager so I don’t have all the questions. My father’s book and his ariel would of solved the problem for sure. What do you think? Was Mamma fair in giving that perticular quilt to Maggie…What message was she trying to teach to Dee? Remember there were other quilts that Grandma Dee made that Mamma could of given Maggie?

The Lady Alice Walker

Having read this Lady’s tale of Mama, Madge and Dee,

I must praise her wit for she writes quite nicely
Such powerful women she describes it is only fitting
That this is one tale I wont be heard quitting
Truly I say it pleases my ears and heart as well
to find a woman with a good story to tell.
The Lady Walker speaks of real life, dirt floors, screen doors
Of troubling children, quilts, guilt and back aching chores
The Lady of Bath of was self absorbed and really such a bore
For such maladies of ladies this Walker is the cure.

Happy Endings

Margaret Atwood Happy Endings (C) Mary should know better not to play with love!
and we shouldn’t feel sorry for john either, john got a wife he should know better.
on page 55 (c) 3th paragraph “John tells mary how important she is to him, but of course he can’t leave his wife because a commitment is a commitment.”
now i m not marry yet, so i don’t know if i got this right.
if your marry and you make a commitment, don’t that mean you stay with the one you marry or am i getting this wrong?

Mama’s Plant

I care for my plant like I care for my family. It’s my hope and my everythin’. My family, so capable of growin’ is held down by all the┬ástrives┬áblack folks face, and just like my plant cuz there’s no light in here. Just like there’s no light in this house for us either, no hope (which is why i bought that house). I think it’s like a metaphor or somethin’ like that. I would never let my plant die cuz I see it as a representation of my family’s welfare. If i give up on one thing that’s not getting what it deserves- then I give up on everythin’. I can’t wait to move to where there’s life, and light, so we can all grow.