Content In My Own Company

Internet is so convenient! It makes it especially easy for me to live my life of seclusion. I don’t have to argue with my friend Higginson anymore about revisions I just type and suddenly it’s there for all to see. Very close to being published now that is freedom. Check out this lovely video for a peek into my life:
This is one of your classmates thoughts on my Poem…. what do you think?

Because I could not stop for Death:
I think by death having stopped that the death was unexpected. It goes on later to say that she had to put away her work/play even. I imagine it being set aside like being interrupted.
I thought of the carriage as possibly a coffin since it only fits her and Immortality(an endless existence)
When it discusses passing the school and the children I thought this was in reference to youth and then it mentions “in the ring” and it reminded me of a circle shape possibly in reference to circle of life. However I wasn’t sure of the fields and the setting sun….except the sun is setting as a signal of the end of day/life.
When they pause at the house swelling of the ground this sounded like a grave to me the way a tombstone would swell from the ground surrounded in dirt.

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About Alex Mueller

Alex Mueller can be found running and cycling the streets and suburbs of Boston, taking long sojourns in rare book archives whenever he can. He teaches English at UMass Boston, serves as Book Review Editor for Arthuriana, and writes about digital pedagogy, open access publishing, and medieval literature.

5 thoughts on “Content In My Own Company

  1. I feel like Emily Dickinson and I share a lot in common. For one, we are both isolated from society. After the death of her parents she put herself in insolation and wrote poems. I was put in isolation in some ways by Prospero because I had to be his slave. Another reason we are similar is there was confusion with both of us. She was questioned if she had an affair with a married man or woman. And my gender was constantly being questioned if I was a man or woman.

  2. I believe that Emily Dickinson wrote lovely poems, but yet she isolated herself and was never married. I had wanted my daughter to be married and I think that other women should have followed in her example of getting married and then having the intimate relationship.

  3. Emily wrote such beautiful words and i feel like i have a different opinion of it that ya'll do. she sees a school cuz it makes her think of when she was a young girl, a good time in her life before bills and husbands weighed women down. well, shoot, my childhood aint nothin' like that but she must've been lucky to get to go to a school. i think shes being carried to the afterlife by God. He was taking her to heaven, away from life, but when it's time that's the place i wanna go. Prospero, i agree with ya', a lady should be married so she has a good man to help her, but women need to keep them heads on straight and not get married like that Wife of Bath.

  4. i think emily wrote a lot of lovely poems. i agree with ariel that both of them had a bunch of similarities. i think she was a great lady was nothing like the wife of bath. She was a very confident lady who believed in herself.

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