The Tempest

My father is so overprotective of me. He treats me like a child. Sometimes he goes off into these stories about what, I don’t know. Which causes me to fall asleep. I saw this man from the shipwreck. He looks cute and he looks noble. He seems to have a kind and caring heart. However, my overprotected father seems to think differently. When will my father realize I’m growing up and I’m not daddy’s little girl anymore. I hope he treats this handsome stranger nice……..

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About Alex Mueller

Alex Mueller can be found running and cycling the streets and suburbs of Boston, taking long sojourns in rare book archives whenever he can. He teaches English at UMass Boston, serves as Book Review Editor for Arthuriana, and writes about digital pedagogy, open access publishing, and medieval literature.

2 thoughts on “The Tempest

  1. It is often the mistake of men to assume their right over a woman's. This is not to say that it is entirely their fault, it is simply the way they were raised. It is our duty as strong women to guide these men in the proper direction.

  2. He might be overprotective. However, it is important that he makes sure that this man is noble and is a better man than his looks. Deep down inside your father is happy that Ferdinand caught your eye. He must test him before you accept his love.

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