I think Miranda did not know the reality of the real world. Her youth had nothing to do with her knowing that woman are put on earth to fulfill men’s need. she wanted Ferdinand to marry her before she let him break her virgin-knot, because her father wanted her to do so. Virgin- knot please, what’s that suppose to mean. me I have no idea when I lost my virginity. In all honesty I think mine was breaken at birth. she let such meaningless word stopped her from enjoying her life. her worries should have been about finding a man who can please well,not that idiotic idea. After all she should’nt listened to her foolish father,who wasted people’s time by faking a storm. I mean couldn’t she tells that Prospero wasn’t in his right mine.

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Alex Mueller can be found running and cycling the streets and suburbs of Boston, taking long sojourns in rare book archives whenever he can. He teaches English at UMass Boston, serves as Book Review Editor for Arthuriana, and writes about digital pedagogy, open access publishing, and medieval literature.

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  1. I agree Miranda doesn't understand the real world. She's been on this island with her father since she was young so it's not really her fault. Her only influence is her father. It's no surprise she fell for Ferdinand after having to look at Caliban all day. Wife of Bath I am surprised you think Prospero is a fool. One thing was brought to my attention today that you both agree on is the game of playing hard to get. You said, "Whatever we cannot easily get we will cry after and crave all day. Forbid us a thing and we desire it: press it upon us, and then we will flee." Prospero says, "But this swift business I must uneasy make, lest too light winning".Both of you support the idea that if something is to easy/cheap then it's not worth much therefore not desirable.

  2. Oh, child. You would understand the world if you walked in my shoes. Listen to you children braggin' 'bout loosing your innocence. Married five times? A marriage in God lasts forever young lady. Money is for school and food, not to replace love. Emily, you right 'bout Miranda being sheltered. All she's ever known is her papa's face, and some strange folk on that island. A girl needs a Mama to show 'er the ropes of livin', so its 'bout time she found a man to care for her. Nah, i don't know much 'bout islands, but in Chicago, times are rough, and a girl need all the help she can get. Seems like young women need some direction these days, with all this marriage confusion. The Lord will set 'em right. Someday. 'xcuse me while i go water my flowers.

  3. I believe that Miranda has made the right decision when she decided to marry Ferdinand before she let him break her of her virgin-knot. I think that I have taught my daughter well having raised her all alone on this island for so many years now. Although this was not the exact time I had planned on Miranda and Ferdinand exchanging vows, I am stil very happy at the least. I am proud that my daughter did right by me instead of following foolish advise from others. Her virgin-knot is special and she should cheerish it like she has been all this time.

  4. Forgive the late post blame it on the beer,My cup runneth o'er drain it on Shakespear.Prospero wit his book o sorcery like Nicolas an his astrology,Arranging love for his lovely daughterCalling thunder and blowing windy waterHad I such art marooned so remoteI'd tell Ariel to make a farging boat

  5. Virgin Knot?! Why isn't that absurdI lay in bed with two different men whenever I please. I will marry 50 if I want. This isn't the case since I love a man. Who is the definition of youth and true beauty. But love doesn't stop me. I'm as "dark" as they come for one man will never be enough for me.

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