Content In My Own Company

Internet is so convenient! It makes it especially easy for me to live my life of seclusion. I don’t have to argue with my friend Higginson anymore about revisions I just type and suddenly it’s there for all to see. Very close to being published now that is freedom. Check out this lovely video for a peek into my life:
This is one of your classmates thoughts on my Poem…. what do you think?

Because I could not stop for Death:
I think by death having stopped that the death was unexpected. It goes on later to say that she had to put away her work/play even. I imagine it being set aside like being interrupted.
I thought of the carriage as possibly a coffin since it only fits her and Immortality(an endless existence)
When it discusses passing the school and the children I thought this was in reference to youth and then it mentions “in the ring” and it reminded me of a circle shape possibly in reference to circle of life. However I wasn’t sure of the fields and the setting sun….except the sun is setting as a signal of the end of day/life.
When they pause at the house swelling of the ground this sounded like a grave to me the way a tombstone would swell from the ground surrounded in dirt.

Lady Mary Wroth

If I were to advise the Lady Mary Wroth,

I’d say “pack your quills and shove off”
Sooner would I a new wert upon my nose,
Than to suffer more o’ her purple prose
She fancies it her lovely line and verse,
Me thinks her lovers groan and curse.
Her sweet mush rise flowery and high,
So thickly done no lover could get by.
Give me true love, pour me a drink,
Spare me sonnets so sweet they stink


the pulley tells the tale about how God made man. It tells us that God poured all his blessing on man when he made him which includes wisdom, honor, beauty, pleasure and strength. God did not gave everything to man, infact he kept the ‘rest’ at the bottom. God knew that if he gave everything to man the instead of praising God, man would start praising God’s gifts. Pulley is a mechanical device used for lifting heavy loads. In this poem herbert connected the lifting of pulley to man by saying that God lifted few of his blessings from man and didn’t blessed him with everything.

Easter Wings

our lord created us from wealth and store,
he give us life and guidance, but we never given anything back to him.
until we get’s old, then we will realize why human get old and sickness,
it is a punishment for taking to much.

The Tempest is More Like A Shower

I’m all for a peaceful resolution in life but literature is different. The Tempest failed to deliver on its name sake. Sure there was literally a storm in the beginning but is that the only reason it’s called that? I find that superficial. The fact that Prospero forgives everyone in the end might make him the better man but it also makes him a boring man. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the play but I’m just saying the end was lack luster and disappointing when you think of it as the end to the last play Shakespeare would write.

Prospero thinks he “saved” me because I was stuck in a tree and he freed me. This is true but I am still a slave! I just have a new owner. Prospero. I ask him to release me but he won’t and he gets mad when I ask. He wants me to continue doing services for him. This angers me! I deserve to be free. I want to be free from his services and all of his reprimanding. It is degrading and unfair. By disguising myself for Prospero, I hope he will come around and free me soon.