To the Lady Alice Walker

To whom do you want me to sympathize?
A young girl looking to move her way out
And to forget the arms in which she’s cried
A girl with no care, just looking to shout
About the antiquity and art
Of everyday home items
Who tries to runaway and won’t do her part
A girl who acts like she can’t be frightened?
I cannot like this child who has no pride
In the life she came from, her family
From her family, herself she has pried
Till what they have left is her memory.

Ah, Too Sing America

Ah, Too, Sing America.

Ah know it’s been said before.

In the voice of my brother.

And my español speaking sister.

Ah, Too Sing America

With a With a different sounding song.

phonetically-written speech.

Is that really wrong?

Ah want you to hear how we really sound.

Ah say “tuh instead of to

Does that really bother you ?

This is the voice of of African and Caribbean descent

It’s early 20th century and Ah lead the Harlem Renaissance

So lwer-ower.

Take a look at what that means.

To: Junot Diaz, "Fiesta"

When I first read your story, all I can think about are feelings. Feelings based on, anger, sadness, guilt, and little of happiness. I truly understand the situation involving with this story of yours.
This story is pretty much going through the same problem I use to go through with my family. When I was young, my mother use to take over my life and pushed me to become as a school teacher. Life is just never fair. Fair enough to satisfy you. Too much guilt and anger. Where’s happiness when we needed one?Anyways, this story is very interesting. so much drama involving with families. There are some disappointments. For instance the mother. I thought women would know better involving with relationships… I guess not.

into the sky

Once in a tree
The great Sycorax placed me.
Then freed
But is under by another by thee
Name Prospero
O how I served him and me heart felt cold
Thought i’s in a hole
Then, is once again set free.
Now I fly into the sky admiring beauty everywhere
This amazing new feeling I’ve never before feel,
I think I begin to heal.
Up here, I see the two nowhere,
With pressure no more,
My flight continues.
The breeze blows in me face
How everything is now lovely
And full of grace.
Shouting matches I hear no more,
but the mild wind’s song.
Agony I see no more,
But the wonderful blue and white from above
And the grassy green from below.
I’m into the sky relaxing clamly
I go where me soul desire
As I can go anywhere freely.


Is it wrong to be different? Does it make you a bad person to stand up for what you think is is right? Sometimes a lost soul is not an indication of a blank mind it is just a matter of being misunderstood. It is not wrong for your children to want more than what you had. Let them challenge the unknown and the people who do not believe in them, for that is what builds strength. Strength and courage and, let’s not forget couriousity, is the the backbone of tommorw’s leaders. Do not allow yourself to sulk in the should haves and would haves if things were different. Things only change when you make them change. Learn your past, stay in your present and question your future. Do not be passive with your voice. I used to think that those who questioned the out of the “norm” were strange but the truth is they are just misundertood. I wish more people were like that!