Nobody understands me…..

I want to have a serious conversation with my wife about the world today about who I am and all she can say to me is eat my eggs. I try to tell her that this mornin I was lookin in the mirror and thinking about it…. I’m 35 years old; i’ve been married eleven years and I got a boy who sleeps in the living room- and all I got to give to him is stories about how rich white people live. She says I say the same damn thing everyday, but I’m tryna make a point, but all she has to say is, “Eat your eggs walter, and go to work.” That’s what’s wrong with colored women these days they don’t understand how to treat their man. They don’t understand how to build them up and make them feel like they somebody and can do something. I am a man tied down to a woman with a small mind…. she just doesn’t understand me.

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About Alex Mueller

Alex Mueller can be found running and cycling the streets and suburbs of Boston, taking long sojourns in rare book archives whenever he can. He teaches English at UMass Boston, serves as Book Review Editor for Arthuriana, and writes about digital pedagogy, open access publishing, and medieval literature.

6 thoughts on “Nobody understands me…..

  1. She may understand you more than you know. Perhaps you need to consider the fact that women were not put on this planet to "motivate" you. Women are here to adorn your home and bring you children to care for you in your old age. Their innocent nature makes it impossible for them to be held responsible for such stuff as you speak about. Look, instead, to your Bible son. The Lord implores you to command your household and reign with a solid sense of command and order. Do not look upon your wife with such disdain. She is only capable of that which she has been given the capacity to do. You, sir, are the man upon whom the entire clan depends. Be of good cheer for this melancholy will pass. Join with the saints and angels and pray for forgiveness of your slothfulness. Amen.

  2. Women these days. I call that annoyance. Why I say such thing? It is because your wife could be afraid of looking through the future. In order for her to avoid such conversation, she would just change the subject and avoid. However, I do understand what you mean by "nobody understands me" I have to go through the same situation with my mother. All I want is freedom but all she can think about is her desire. She wont listen to what I want. All she can say is, " become a school teacher."

  3. Maybe it is your wife that you do not understand, rather than her not understanding you. You should be grateful that she is still cooking you your eggs. She says that you say the same thing every day, in which maybe she is trying to say to do something about it, or live with it and keep working hard. Maybe we should think for a moment who really has the "small mind." Your wife seems to be doing what she is intended to be doing, in which case you should appreciate her doings, and stop thinking of them as wrongdoings.

  4. Perhaps if you tried to speak to your wife without becoming frustrated you may find you both share more than you know. You want what is best for your family, as does Ruth, but you want something better for yourself as well. There is nothing wrong with that. You will never be completely happy in life if you do not acknowledge your own desires and dreams. The longer you go without some kind of personal happiness the more disappointing life will seem.

  5. I think this is the very problem with men. Unsure of themselves and therefore blame it on the woman that he is unhappy.You find it hard to speak to your wife because you feel she has a small mind? Have you ever tried speaking with her? A woman's work is never fully complete, you are a grown man therefore should be able to take care of yourself. I understand a wife should support her husband but it should be a joint effort and not one person doing more work than the other. Maybe your wife needs you to lift her up just as much as you think you need her to.

  6. You know better than to talk 'bout your wife that way Walter… Ruth is a good woman. She is loyal and she carries your baby! She got more important things to worry about then your foolishness. You best get your head straight boy. Stop chasin' them foolish dreams! You got to be a man in this family. I know I didn't raise no boy to go against god and own a liquor store. You best get your mind right boy! You got a family that needs you to be a man!

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