Raisin in the Sun Themes

We see many themes in Raisin in the Sun by Lorainne Hansbery, themes such as dreams as the main characters in the novel struggle to deal with certain circumstances that effects their lives. Everyone has a dream and everyone struggles trying to peruse that dream.

Another theme in the book that i noticed other than following your dream is the theme of “family.” Family is an important part of the book through out the play. Family sticks together through hard times and through good times. The mom in the novel tries to keep the family together and their dream of purchasing a house.

A family must over come hardships and learn from it as we see this in the novel when the insurance money got stolen. The family in the book comes together and are strong characters who can over come any obstacles as long as they stick together.

American Dream….What is it?

You always grow up thinkin certain ideas that make up the American Dream. Well for some they want that nice house, they wanna put a smile on they famlies faces, they wanna teach they family the right way to live. I use to think my Amiercan Dream was to own that liquor store…. mama just didnt get what a great a’vantage that woulda been to the family…. no she jus didn’t see it. Yeh I wanna nice house for my family and thats what mama went right on ahead and did… and i’m glad she did it. Now my family can grow and be happy, specially wit the new baby on the way. Now I can teach my son what it really means to be a man and I can put a smile on my wife’s face. Maybe willy taken that money was the best thing that happened to us…. it brought my family closa. I guess you could say now my family bein happy is my American Dream.

Admirable Woman

A woman who has adjusted to many things in life
and overcome many more,
her face is full of strength.
She has, we can see, wit and faith of a kind that keep her eyes lit,
and full of interest and expectancy.
She is, in a word, a beautiful woman.
Her bearing is perhaps most like the noble bearing,
of the women of the Hereros of Southwest Africa –
rather as if she imagines that
as she walks she still bears a basket
or a vessel upon her head.-ACT 1, scene 1.

Lorraine Hansberry describes Mama in this manner to show the struggle she faced and how she can still walk with her head held high. The American Dream. Mama puts forth a resounding effort to keep her life and the life of her loved ones on track. An admirable trait and an admirable woman to say the least. Don’t you agree?

Lord give us strength

Oh Lord, What am I going to do with that boy? I spent my life time workin’ on raisin’ him up right. He ain’t behavin’ like no man of the house that I ever seen. ‘Bout time he learn real responsibilities like a grown man do! Man’s got to start at the bottom and build himself up to get to the top! All that sweatin’ and buildin’ our Big Walter did was thrown away by that boy’s selfishness. Oh Lord give me hope when all hopes been lost! All that money thrown away for his own evil doings. He done no thinkin’ ’bout his boy Travis, or his sister Beneatha and her schoolin’- Poor dear Ruth, and with baby on the way, what they gonna do? Boy don’t think clear ’bout the future. He robbed us all blind of hopes and dreams. Lord please, We got to keep our strength in these tough times! God bring blessing on my family.

Scent of interest

What we always say, ” A picture is worth a thousand words”
What do you think of this picture of me?
Would you say this picture demonstrates the type a person of who I am?
I have legs on top of my head as though they are my antennas.
With my interests, all I can think of is complimenting about my wife. So beautiful and sexual. That is pretty much I have in mind. I can imagine myself spooning her very closely and just smell her lovely scent. Ah! love!

I would like to know what you think of this picture of me.
Let me know how you feel about me.

Middle English and More…


The language of our land is coloured by many influences and often misunderstood. I find those not in contact with properly educated clergyman are particularly adept at misunderstanding, mispronouncing and generally bastardising the eloquence of the English language.
Great research is being done and many rare manuscripts being studied at Kings College and The University of Manchester, the link above will show you some of these works such as these.
Medieval Collection Examples

Life Can Be a Barrel of Disappointments, Sometimes

I am thoroughly impressed by the rich characters Ms. Hansberry has created in her A Raisin in the Sun. Many of the characters in this play are struggling against their positions in life which have somewhat been dictated by society. Each reacts in their own individual way: Walter is angry, Beneatha can be pessimistic and cold, Ruth is weary, but each of them is hoping for something more, something better for themselves and their family.

When I began reading, initially I found Ruth to be more likable and thought I would relate more to her. As I continued, I found myself sympathizing with Walter. When a person feels trapped and overwhelmed by life’s disappointments, they are capable of doing drastic things to break free. I feel Walter, though somewhat misguided, is trying to provide for his family, but has become reckless because he does, indeed, feel trapped. Some may view Walter as selfish and uncaring, but sometimes one has to be a bit selfish in order to stay sane. I believe you cannot wholly give in to the will of others because you will lose your own identity along the way.

Walter needs to do what he sees as necessary to become more than a chauffeur, more than a common worker and to become a provider for his family without relying on his mother and his wife. He is taking the steps necessary to become a man in every sense of the word.

So, Walter, I commend you, just be wary of the cost of your freedom.