o…the flame…..

o, Prospero, great master, hail! I come to tell thou it was horror! The fire was mad, opened its mouth to take the whole ship! All but mariners jumped into the water, then afire with me. O thank goodness safely in harbor is the king’s ship. Thou hast promised, my liberty. I done thee worthy service. Prospero did promise to bate me a year. In return, I will serve you every wish, master.

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About Alex Mueller

Alex Mueller can be found running and cycling the streets and suburbs of Boston, taking long sojourns in rare book archives whenever he can. He teaches English at UMass Boston, serves as Book Review Editor for Arthuriana, and writes about digital pedagogy, open access publishing, and medieval literature.

3 thoughts on “o…the flame…..

  1. Master? You ain't mad calling him master? You get your freedom and then become enslaved? That's over with now! Those stars are gleaming up above just reach out and grab!You are your own person, do as you please. You can't be happy like that Ariel…. You are the giant..surrounded by ants… take control.

  2. The good St. Benedict has called for order particularly within moral behaviour. It is our only hope for salvation and frankly I am not pleased that the young ladies are running rampant about being billegerint and otherwise noisy to their men.Perhaps a bit of decorum from my fellow pilgramers, Please The Nun's Prient

  3. You can't be so dependent havin' someone tell you what to do, Ariel. Listen to mama, you need to be a man and work hard for your freedom in life. Everything comes at the price of hard work in this life. I wish my boy Walter would learn that. Ain't nothin' just handed to you.

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