Sonnets. What a beautiful thing.

My dear friends,
I hope you all enjoyed reading my sonnets and if you have not, please do. I urge you to write your own as well. Sonnets are a beautiful thing. They allow you to show your passion and love for whatever it is that you are passionate about or love. That is at least what I wrote them for. Many say that i was very skilled at writing and that my sonnets are a perfect example of that but I do not feel that way. I do not like to as they say nowadays “tute my own horn”. I just wrote what i felt like writing. I wrote what i felt. I wrote about what inspired me. I just loved to write. If you enjoy them then great and thank you. If not then tell me. There is always room for improvement.

A Concerned Request

Shakespeare, I do admire thee.
It is to you, we all owe thanks.
For thee sought the depths of the sea,
to return treasures to the banks.

Of course, your work inspires me.
when I scorn thee I am in jest
and I pray’st you see this be
truth-for Shakespeare, I know ye best!

Your sonnet’s speak of chains of time,
binding you to hell with the cruel-
faces of dark souls, not benign.
Please see friend, will is the tool.

Years since you’ve last wrote with passion,
poets, my contemporaries,
have with commendable fashion
changed with time, you’d find it scary.

If you’re willing to accept
the advice I’ll give you Shakespeare,
Carpe Diem! Don’t mind you wept.
Time free, you’re conscious will be clear.

I am the Queen Elizabeth. You may have herd of me, for I hold great power as a ruler as I am a women, but bear the stomach and heart as a leading king. In comparison, I feel I do quite well, if not better. I reign with all possibilities, for I can lead an army to victory or simply help a small town on their way to liberty. I am a different kind of woman, who sees life as a way to put forth ones opinions and be in command of an empire with ease and grace. I will survive this lifetime with many accomplishments as ruler and no one will get in the way of my path of success.


This queen Elizabeth — a woman like her never have I seen. It a time when men rule men and women a like she stands above all else. She not only commands power and respect but is willingly given it as all bow before her. She is carried to and fro where she desires and he words never fall on deaf ear for all await her next.

Men come in homes of wooing her into their grasps but like babies they are sent home crying at the hands of this woman ruler. There is more to her than other women though, some part of her is that more of a man. Of this I am certain.

She denies the suitors because she can. But for how long shall this power stand? Queen I think you should better think, how my time you have on this earth. Before your grace and all shall leave you without all that you hold so dear.

Ghostly Sights

It was after my first child, I felt the Devil’s pain.
I knew a life of commitment to my Lord was the only way.
First I had to convince my husband to live a life of ceibacy.
It was not until I birthed my 14th child, I had devoted my entire life.

On my pilgrimage to Jerusalem, I saw the ghosts of Lady St. John and Mary Magdalene,
And I wept in sorrow.
Anytime I see the Crucifix or someone being beat,
I envision my Lord being beat in the same manner and weep.

And every Palm Sunday and Good Friday,
I see these ghostly sights.
I feel my Lord’s pain and suffer.
But he is worth the pain and suffering.

Women Writers? This is great!

Julian or Norwich and Margery Kempe are such great women. Pioneers if I may call them. If only I could have used women in my works to actually play my female characters or give me the insight from a woman’s point of view. Many consider my works great but if I had the input of women like Julian of Norwich or Margery Kempe then they would have been better. Yes I pushed th bar with some of my subjects but women talking of God and religion is the ultimate and i applaud you two. But I must warn you, be safe! Society still ooks down on you and great thinkers such as you need to be around for as long as possible.