My section of the story, finally,
the best part of it, logically.

Yes I’ve five husbands,
no longer any of them stand.
I did it as my others done,
Abraham, Jacob and Solomon.
What is good for them is also for me,
Why have one, when I can have three?

I had the three good,
To be with me, they should.
They were old and rich,
Does that make me a…. witch?
They stayed and I treated them bad,
Of course, they knew what they had.
Who cares about the other two,
Dumped ’em and got a new.

As for my tale you see,
You can learn a thing from me.
The knight had a lesson to learn,
Some honorable qualities to earn.
What women really want to choose,
Not have men win, and me lose.
They should trust and honor us,
If not, they can bite the dust.

The Miller’s Tale

If only more tales were told like mine, than this so called Pilgrimage would be more worth my time. Uptight Knights and bitter Reeves, are enough to make me drink, but then again what does not make me drink. Who needs to sit tight a horse with a trusty stead like my to keep me up right and in the right direction. Though I digress but who can blame with these disagreeable traveling companions. My tail easily quits all with out a doubt. Who could ask for more? Intrigue and deceit, love and hate, sex and farts, and of course a burnt arse and a crazy ass. Nicholas for sure was the most clever of clerks. Tricking the carpenter to think a flood, and not just any flood but that of Noah’s. All just to bed the carpenter’s wife, she must have been one fine catch, but worth the trouble? Though I’m not going to lie I have know idea who had the beard and how it came up in relation to kissing Alisoun. Did Absolon have a beard, did Nicholas, or did Alisoun just have a hairy arse? Any comments would do really.

To a new Beginning

I shall agree with you of the blissfulness of the first spring. As one awaits for the sad winter to end, spring arises with a fresh new beginning. I hope this new spring sets forth a grand pilgrimage that you desire. It seems that each member in your group will offer something extraordinary to your journey. Good luck on you religious journey, I hope you and your great company of travelers find your innermost desire. Safe travels.

Losing my father as a child and watching my son die from the plague tragedy is ever present in my life. Therefore, Sir Gawain, your story has a place right in my heart. I know what a burden must reside within, while you seen the emerald knight. But honor you carry so proudly, like my father you act. Insuring the name of Arthur remains unblemished, a man of you word you are. Surely the Lord on High is watching you daily. His hand was upon you when the stranger rode in during your festive celebration. Watching him covered in green head to toe upon a steed of the same you would not let your king risk his life but yours instead would be offered. The Almighty’s hand remained true as you too up his ax and landed it into his flesh. What happened next none could predict. Realizing what you had committed yourself to as you watched the green being carry off his head, you knew what was to come. Those of your table sulking also knew your fate. Partake in all there was you did preparing for your departure. A better case I’d never thought. May your armor emblazoned with the honorable pentangle hold strong and your swift blade hit true. Drink often but take heed of what lies before you if ever it you find.

Listen up I tell you,
And give me your full attention too.
And speak up if you must do,
Since only one ear will be open to you.

The wife of Arthur, the most beautiful one
Admired by women, father, and son.
She’s said to have a shapely figure,
I bet that I’m better then her.
I have flaws that make me lusty,
As opposed to just being busty.

She is willing to be unfaithful,
Such a sinner of sorts is distasteful.
As Eve was with Adam,
That’s not right, madame.

Although I know how she feels,
Having men bowing at my heels.
She’s said to be the most admired,
It’s from me, she was inspired

I wonder if what she says is true,
About the boys Lanval pursued.
I wouldn’t be all that surprised,
Not wanting what is fantasized.